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Monday, September 6, 2010

We've Got Spirit!


Lately, I've gotten several requests to make my designs "simpler" and "more easy to acquire." To that I simply must say "tough tiddlywinks!" I'm a gnome, and a fashionable one at that! Do you think I can just go to the Tall-Mart in downtown Stormwind and buy stylish designs in my size? I have to be resourceful, and work hard! It's no easy task to look this good, my friends!

Style is hard work, people! Be aggressive! B-E aggressive! *ahem* Sorry. Getting a bit ahead of myself!

Continuing my trend of designs that are not easy to come by, this next one is a doozie, and by that I mean it would take two years to gather everything you need for it! That takes spirit!

And speaking of spirit, these girls have it, yes they do, modeling the most dazzling of faction fashion as they cheer on their champions at the Crusader's Arena! Available in Wrynn Red or Garrosh Green, these ensembles are sure to get your faction's blood pumping!


Wrynn Red

Red Linen Shirt

Red Winter Clothes

Swashbuckler Sash

Darktread Boots

Spring Flowers


Garrosh Green

Green Holiday Shirt

Green Winter Clothes

Shimmering Sash

Shimmering Boots

Spring Flowers

1 comment:

  1. LoL! What a unique and fun way to use the Spring Flowers ^_^