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Monday, January 18, 2010



My mind's racing from chasing pirates!

Here we have a collection of high style from the high seas–from broken bottles to blood-tinged blades, this collection should meet the needs of any rum-soaked rogue or peg-legged plunderer!

Whether you're planning on pillage or just looking for fashionable high adventure, these outfits are just what you need!

Naturally, we should begin with the captain, the sturdy mast of any pirating vessel.


Our very... err... lovely... model is wearing:

First Mate Hat

White Swashbuckler's Shirt

Crimson Silk Vest

Swashbuckler's Belt

Buccaneer's Pants

Buccaneer's Boots

Smotts' Cutlass

Ritual Stein


This brings us to our daring doxy of the docks, Josin, who is wearing:

Imposing Bandana

Buccaneer's Vest

Captain Sanders' Sash

Bluegill Breeches

Bogwalker Boots

Fine Scimitar

Barman Shanker


Our next model is displaying our Plunderer's Package. This ensemble includes:

Wizardweave Turban

Red Swashbuckler's Shirt

Bloodvine Vest

Captain Sanders' Sash

Boarhide Leggings

Acolyte's Shoes

Razor Sharp Filet Knife

Veildust Medicine Bag


From the depths of Blackrock Mountain to the high seas, everyone loves the pirate look! Here, Gloriarn gets in on the action, wearing:

Foror's Eyepatch

Buckled Harness

High Councillor's Sash

Dirty Leather Pants

Barbaric Cloth Boots


Blackwater Cutlass


Finally, Dalrick swabs the deck with his classic pirate look.

First Mate Hat

Buccaneer's Vest

Buccaneer's Pants

Buccaneer's Boots

Shoddy Blunderbuss

1 comment:

  1. I like the format you've got going here -- the group of models in a variety of fun poses, with each model then singled out.
    My favorite is the "Plunderer's Package". I love all those reds and blues and browns. I'll definitely be looking to add this ensemble (or something inspired by it, at any rate) to my "designated pirate" character's wardrobe. XD