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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Stormwind Guard


Welcome back! Today's design is modeled above by Lady Josin Teya of Stormwind, as well as her brigade of Lady Lions of Stormwind. Quite the fetching look, isn't it?

One of my earliest designs, the Tagalong Fashions' Stormwind Guard is authentic enough to use for new recruits to the post, or for those who are more interested in infiltrating Wrynn's great city. It's only a matter of time before some stranger comes up and asks you directions to the nearest trainer!

((Many folks think "Oh, just use the Imperial Plate set!" for creating a Stormwind Guard. That's partially true, but some of the pieces are just completely wrong. (The shoulders, especially.) I wish I could say that the addition of the Stormwind Tabard had made this even more indistinguishable, but that tabard is terrible. Also, even the Stormwind Guards aren't consistent from guardsman to guardsman, so some variation is acceptable.

Anyway, here's the list. Some are quest items, some are craftable. The wowhead links will point you in the right direction to gather them.))


Imperial Plate Helm

Hulkstone Pauldrons

Imperial Plate Chest

Aegis of Stormwind

Overlord's Vambraces

Imperial Plate Leggings

Golden Scale Gauntlets

Brigandine Belt

Imperial Plate Boots

Private's Tabard/Knight's Colors

Footman's Longsword


  1. excellent work.

    are you planning on making one of these for all the city guards?

  2. Thanks! I love my set.