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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

General Professions


Today, Tagalong Fashion salutes the people who make a difference in our lives every day on Azeroth! Sometimes, without us even noticing them! Whether they're a highlight of our day, or passing without notice, these general professionals play a vital part in all our lives!


The Cook – modeled here by Chef Emeron, who works the breakfast shift at the Legerdemain Lounge in Dalaran! This is the latest in utilitarian chic style! Whether you're cleaning the sluice or filleting Fatty Bluefin, these togs will let everyone know you're the 'Top Chef!'

It features:

Chef's Hat

Common Gray Shirt

Mechbuilder's Overalls

Dilapidated Cloth Boots

Razor Sharp Fillet Knife

Steelscale Crushfish


The Angler – Comfort and durability are the hallmarks of any good fishing expedition. Donning this attire will not only keep you relaxed as you wait for a bite, but will have you looking good while doing it! Crafted from the highest quality breathable fibers, this outfit includes:

Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat

Canvas Vest

Durable Pants

Canvas Shoes

Durable Gloves

Darkwood Fishing Pole


The Medic – Setting bones and stitching wounds is far from luxurious work to most, but in these energizing garments, your patients will be uplifted and on the mend in no time, I guarantee it!* Displayed here by Zamboozle, this complete outfit is comprised of:

White Linen Shirt

Willow Vest

Shimmering Sash

Shimmering Trousers

Acidic Walkers

Shimmering Bracers

Shimmering Gloves

*Guarantee does not imply a promise of recovery from any grievous wound, up to and including Pain Spike, Saber Lash, or Marks of the Fallen Champion. Any health condition incurred by patients of Tagalong Fashion clients, whether beneficial or malicious, is purely coincidental.


  1. Love this RP blog! I've done fashion research before, and it can be SO tedious/frustrating. Maybe next time I'll just ask Mr. Fashionable, he loves that sh*t. I mean, check out the variety of pirate outfits! I like the Plunderer's Package. heh heh. Package.

  2. Fantastic RP-Fashion blog! You can be sure I'll be checking back regularly! :D

  3. For the cook set, may I recommend any of the low-level "cleaver" items for the alternative "butcher shop" look? (

    You could also go for Cookie's Tenderizer if you're a baker... (

    Don't forget your Leather Chef's Belt! (